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Mitchell A McClenney
5201 Peach Leaf Cove 
Little Rock, AR 72206
501-249-7400 or 501-888-5025

If you have a question or comment, please contact me. Using this contact form will automatically add you to my email mailing list for artwork and show news. It will not be used by anyone other than me to contact you. Thank you in advance.

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Artist for hire!!!

I guess you would consider me a colorful artist.
I'm capable of many types of art: anything from portraits of Pets, Cars, Places, Celebrities, even You or Loved Ones .
The mediums I mostly use are Acrylics with a Water color technique on canvas or wood panels.



Here are my prices, (roughly)

5x7" - $50.00
8x10" - $85.00
11x14" - $110.00
11x17" - $135.00
14x18" - $180.00

All pieces will be original one of a kind works of art.

Write me if you're interested. I accept paypal or money order. I ask for half the money upfront before I start (non refundable), this is a security deposit so I don't get screwed. Once the portrait is done and I receive the full payment, I send it out. You can pay the full amount upfront, just to get it out of the way, but it's not mandatory.


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